The reasons of young smokers choose to use e-cigarette

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Erlang Samoedro
Elisna Syahruddin
Muhammad Imran Khan Ismail
Prananda Darmobaroto Adisasmito


Background. Electronic cigarettes (e-cigs) are battery-powered handheld devices that simulate tobacco smoking. Since its discovery in 2007, e-cigs have become a popular product in the market, especially among young smokers. With various programs that promote the dangers of smoking, the e-cigs industry takes this opportunity to offer products claimed to be alternatives to smoking with lighter side effects. The number of e-cigarette users is increasing exponentially.

Method. This research was done using a descriptive cross-sectional study design and it was conducted in Jakarta. The target population includes every e-cigs user that are accessible in Jakarta. Data were obtained through interviews conducted by two medical students on respondents in the electric smoker community scattered in several locations in Jakarta.

Results. From 937 subjects, the average age of respondents using e-cigs was 27.8±6.3 years old. Most of the users of e-cigs were male 95.8 %. Only 34.2% of 937 subjects were conventional smokers before using e-cigs, and it means more novice who immediately become smokers by using e-cigs (65. 8%). We have analyzed the reasons of 321 current smokers who had moved to become an electrical smoker; the most common reason was NRT (79.1%), followed by better taste (13.7%), trick (2.8%), and following the trend in youth (1.8%).

Conclusion.  Electric cigarettes contain nicotine and other substances that endanger the health of the airway and can be a risk of lung cancer. The use of e-cigs as a transitional period for quitting conventional smoking is not the right choice.

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